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Pregnancy Yoga

As a mum of two, and a teacher of yoga to pregnant women, Sammie has seen and experienced first hand the positive benefits that a yoga practice can bring for pregnancy, birth and beyond.


Specifically, pregnancy yoga can help with:


  • Common pregnancy conditions such as heartburn, back pain, water retention, cramps, nausea, lack of energy, insomnia, stress

  • Preparation for labour and giving birth. By strengthening body and mind, using breathing and relaxation techniques, Pregnancy Yoga aims to prepare you for labour and to provide a toolbox crammed full of tips and techniques that you can draw upon when you need them most

  • Postnatal recovery and getting back into shape.  A physically fit and supple mother is much more likely to recover well and have the stamina to cope with a new born. Pregnancy yoga is a stepping stone to aid recovery.


Love Yoga Pregnancy differs from a general yoga class, there is a strong emphasis on nurturing for the mum to be and creating space in the body and mind. Many of the classical poses are adapted to accommodate the changes in the body, and strengthening and dynamic poses are often mixed with more restorative and relaxing ones. Breathing techniques learnt can be used at any time during pregnancy and many women have found them very useful when giving birth. Classes are often adapted to suit the trimester that you are in, or if there is a particular ‘need’ within the class. Spending time in a pregnancy yoga class with other women can also be an emotionally bonding experience and I have seen many friendships and support groups formed at this time.

Pregnancy Yoga is suitable for anyone from 14 weeks onwards. No previous experience of yoga is necessary.


" I really cannot thank you enough. Your yoga class has helped me in so many ways. It really helped me prepare physically and mentally for the birth and manage my anxiety. Your yoga class made a big difference. The breathing exercises helped me so much and still do. I also made some lovely friends who have been a great support. The anesthetist said I will recover quicker as a result of your yoga class. You have a very special class and I feel lucky to have been part of it!"

Kayleigh, July 2017


 " Just to say thanks for yesterdays class, I really enjoyed it and thought you'd like to know - I slept through the night for the first time in weeks."  Pregnancy Yoga Jan 2017

Pregnancy Yoga Timetable


When: Thursday Evenings                         

Time: 7:30pm–8:45pm                                 

Venue: Currently online


£70 for a 5 week block booking, payment in advance in order to confirm the place. 

If you would like to try a class before making a financial commitment for 5 classes you may do so and pay £14 on the door.

Terms and conditions

Please note that should a student make a block booking and be unable to attend any of the sessions, only one session can be ‘rolled over’ or refunded, (unless under certain circumstances).

When a student gets close to a due date, sessions can be paid on a class by class basis, (£14)

Classes are run on a regular weekly basis, bar half-terms and holidays