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Yoga for Perimenopause

Perimenopause is a natural life event. It is a time during which your body makes the transition to the menopause marking the end of the reproductive years. It typically occurs around mid-life but can begin earlier.

Perimenopause is a gradual process and can last years.  Based on Sammie's lived experience of perimenopause, this time of transition can feel confusing, frustrating and generally be a time of instability. Massive hormonal fluctuations during perimenopause can trigger a range of symptoms including:


 Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Sadness, Stress, Mood swings, Fatigue, Withdrawal, Weight gain, Insomnia, Hot flashes, Night       sweats, Brain fog, amongst others.......


Other symptoms may include reduced bone density, reduced muscle tone, pelvic pain and cramps, irregular and erratic periods, joint stiffness/pain and an increased risk of higher blood pressure & cholesterol levels.


This weekly yoga class ultimately aims to support women on their menopause journey helping to navigate this time of transition whilst staying strong and healthy.

Yoga practices have an overall positive effect on the body and mind. During these regular weekly classes yoga postures, breathing practices, relaxation techniques, mindfulness and meditation will not only have benefits for the muscles, joints and bones of the body but also on your organs and glands, helping to improve and maintain heart health and balancing hormones. This weekly class will also aim to help reduce, better manage or prevent the common symptoms associated with perimenopause. These symptoms tend to be interconnected, so by addressing one symptom this generally leads to better physical and mental health all round.

As well as all of the above there will be an opportunity (should you so wish) during each class to check in, share, reflect and discuss.  



Perimenopause Yoga Timetable (from Thurs 7th Sept 2023)


When: Thursday Evenings                         

Time: 7:30pm–9pm                                 

Venue: Online


£14 per class drop in

£12 per class for a block booking of 5 classes (£60 paid in advance)

Classes are run on a regular weekly basis, bar occasional holidays

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