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Love Yoga



Hatha Yoga


Yoga means union, ’to bring together, to meet, to unite’ (T.K.V. Desikacher).

In the Yoga world, this ‘bringing together’ is for body and mind, aiming to provide a balance and harmony between the two, promoting over all health and well-being. This is very much at the heart of my Love Yoga teaching.


A typical Love Yoga Hatha class, will always consist of the following elements; physical postures (Asana), breath awareness, (Pranayama) and guided relaxation and/or meditation. Each class aims to get the energy flowing, improve body tone, strength, flexibility and posture, as well as ease physical and mental tension, rejuvenate, relax and provide an opportunity to breathe and find stillness.


Different themes and focuses, keep the classes fresh, fun and interesting and completely shape the content of each one. Sometimes a theme will incite a strong, dynamic and challenging class, whilst other times it may incite a gentler and more restorative class. Either way, modifications for each posture allow individuals to ‘start where they are’ and go at their own pace, always in a supportive and compassionate environment.


Suitable for beginners with some experience and intermediate level

Hatha Yoga Timetable


When: Monday evening                          

Time: 7:30pm–8:45pm                                 

Venue: Online

When: Wednesday morning                          

Time: 9:30am–10:30am                                 

Venue: Online


Online classes

£10 per class

Classes are run on a regular weekly basis, bar occasional holidays

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