Complete Beginners Yoga

'Netmums Favourite Class 2014'

Interested in trying out yoga, but intimidated by the thought of exotic backbends and legs wrapped around heads? 

Feeling uneasy about walking into an established Yoga class when you have never done yoga before?

It can seem daunting when you start,  but the wonderful thing about Yoga is that it is for everyone, all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. Virtually anyone can practice Yoga with a modified practice to suit you.


The 'Complete Beginners' Yoga Course,  which was voted a 'Netmums Favourite Class 2014', has been designed for the complete and utter beginner, (so you are all starting at the same place). This course will introduce you into the world of yoga via the key yoga poses, (Asana), basic breathing, (Pranayama) and relaxation techniques, all in a safe and friendly environment. The physical postures will help to improve tone, strength, flexibility and balance, whilst the breathing and relaxation techniques will help you to rejuvenate and relax. Weekly handouts and homework, will help to reinforce the learnings in the classroom.

'Complete Beginners Courses are usually 5 or 6 week courses and run throughout the year. Please get in touch if you are interested in attending.


Complete Beginners Course Timetable


When: TBC                  

Time: TBC                             

Venue: TBC


£78 for a 6 week course, payment in advance in order to confirm the place. 

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