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Therapeutic Yoga Workshops


These 2 hour therapeutic yoga workshops are a wonderful opportunity to explore your health and wellbeing in much greater depth.

Aiming to educate and inform whilst drawing upon the latest medical research and neuroscience, we’ll use tried and tested yoga breathing practices, physical postures, mindfulness and meditation, to equip and empower you with practical tips, tools and techniques that will help in daily life, promoting optimum health and wellbeing

How to book

Booking is essential for all workshops. Payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque. Any cancellations within one week of the event cannot be refunded.

Upcoming workshops 2020

January 18th - Therapeutic Yoga for managing Stress and Anxiety


There is a growing body of evidence showing that when we are chronically stressed and anxious, not only is our overall wellbeing affected but we are more vulnerable to disease…long term stress can make us sick! 

This workshop examines how stress and anxiety manifests in the body, brain and mind, and practise techniques to help build self-awareness and skills for self-regulation, so that you can better manage your stress and anxiety on a daily basis.


Specifically we will look at; 


  • How body, brain & mind are connected in times of stress, turning on the bodies ‘stress response’, and how chronic stress, can result in long term damage to mental and physical health

  • How yoga breathing, asana, mindfulness, meditation & relaxation can ‘turn off’ the stress response, and ‘turn on’ the relaxation response, bringing back a sense of balance, calm and promoting optimal wellbeing


Informative handouts and suggested homework practices will be provided.


When: Saturday 18th January 2020, 9:30am – 11:30am
Where: The Exchange, Studio 1, (4th floor), 75 London Road, Twickenham, TW1 1BE
Cost: £30 payable in advance



February 21st - Therapeutic Yoga for promoting a better night’s sleep


Sleep is a vital resource. It gives the body and mind time to restore and replenish, a time for psychological and physiological processing and revitalisation. For increasing numbers of people, sleep has become elusive or problematic and poor quality sleep can contribute to a whole host of imbalances in both our physical and mental health.

 This 2 hour workshop will examine how to reclaim healthy sleep and exercise good sleep hygiene via yoga techniques and practices. Specifically we will look at the following ways to prepare your body for restful sleep:


·Yoga movements/postures to release physical tension

·Yoga breathing and relaxation techniques which will encourage the nervous system to switch on the ‘relaxation response’, calming a busy mind


Informative handouts & suggested homework practices will be provided


When: Friday 21st February 2020, 7pm – 9pm
Where: The Exchange, Studio 1, (4th floor), 75 London Road, Twickenham, TW1 1BE
Cost: £30 payable in advance